Valentine's day in the sanatorium Carpathians "Teplica»


Loving people  with trepidation in my heart waiting for the approaching February 14. After all, it Valentine's Day In all countries of the world  celebrate this holiday. To this day give  Valentine's day cards,  gifts, thereby  showing their feelings to loved ones.

Every year it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out where to celebrate Valentine's Day? We  we offer you to surprise your beloved and dear people,  celebrating Dtier Valentine in the thermal Spa "Greenhouse».

 If You haven't decided where and how  to confess his love, or celebrating a wedding anniversary, how can I  honeymoon, we can help You with this!

Valentine's day in the sanatorium "Greenhouse»

Valentine's Day every person associated with love. Question: "What is love?" worries many  people in the Carpathians and Transcarpathia. Love! She is beautiful! About love sung in the songs, about love compose poems and write poems. It captures the feeling and makes a person to soar, to do great exploits! Love makes people happy and encourages us to do extraordinary things for loved ones.

Love – the feeling is the most controversial. It can  to fill  soul with warmth and light, and destroy the dreams and break hearts.

When it Valentine's day in Transcarpathia the whole world, as if transformed.  On this day not only lovers try to make a surprise for their favorite, but all people are willing to open their hearts and donate a piece of his soul to friends and family.

Many wonder: "What to give your loved one, friend, family? And maybe to give a trip?" It's a good idea! A trip to the Carpathian mountains on Valentine's Day can bring a new turn in the relationship of lovers. Since the fabulous world of the Carpathians diverse: majestic and romantic, mysterious and open, bright and pure as love itself.

Arriving on Valentine's Day in Transcarpathia, will You experience a previously unexplored feelings of love to the native land, You'll be amazed by the beauty and grandeur of mountain passes, the height of the fir forests, the scent of forest air and crystal-clear mountain streams. You will visit the most romantic castles of Transcarpathia - the castle of St. Miklos in, near the Karpaty Nevitsky castle, hunting Lodge Schonborn. You will hear the legend about the lovers are named in honor of the river Tisza, Goverla mountain, Black mountain, Synevyr lake, the village of twins Great Copany and others. You will discover the secret of Uzhgorod castle, with its history of White maiden, you will hear the whispers of two lovers in a mountain waterfall Shypit, You will see the beauty of the endless mountains and forests, climbing up on the lift on polonyna Borzhava.

And the rest in the sanatorium "Greenhouse" for Valentine's Day healthier Your body and will thrill Your soul. You will give pleasure to your body, taking a SPA bath, making chocolate or Ayurvedic massage, go to the sauna or Hammam, swim in thermal or mineral pool.

So, book your trip on Valentine's Day in the sanatorium Carpathians "Greenhouse" - You will make the right choice!

Make the best holiday for yourself and your other half!

The program of the celebration of Valentine's Day:

* Прием у врача;

* Оздоровительные процедуры в термальной воде;

* SPA treatments;

* Отдых в сауне-хамае;

* Плаванее в минеральном и термальном бассейнах;

* Мастер клас по приготовлению закарпатского бограча;

* Winetherapy

* Романтическиу ужин при свечах;

* Зажигательны танц-пол под выступление ВИА "Закарпатье"

* Желающим пассивного отдыха- романтические мировые кинохиты о любви.                                                                  

 Отдыхайте вместе с нами !!




Для всех влюблённых – отдых  в День Святого Валентина!

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