Winter rest in the Carpathians (Transcarpathia) sanatorium "Greenhouse".

holiday-winter-the Carpathians-January Winter rest in the Carpathians (Transcarpathia) in the sanatorium "Greenhouse"  similar to a wonderful tale. Imagine how beautiful and stately stand of spruce in their winter fancy fur coat. Gorgeous outfit winter Carpathians in January shimmers and plays under the sun. Winter in the Carpathians everyone will find their favourite activity: ski slopes, where you will deliver the lifts, snowboard lovers will be able to make sharp turns, the children can go sledding during the winter holidays, creative people  winter rest in the Carpathians inspire the creation of new masterpieces, and a variety of national dishes attracts gourmets.

At all times, every corner of the Carpathians is unique and different especially in such month as January and February. Winter Carpathian mountains - a magical and beautiful, they beckon and attract everyone who has ever been there, they are forced to return again and again…

Unique winter in the Carpathians (Transcarpathia) encourages us to spend Christmas and new year holidays that will amaze the national tradition unlike any other, ever seen, they are similar to the show in the theater, only the scenery here is true.


Stay in the best resorts of Ukraine "Greenhouse" Karpaty (Transcarpathia) in January, February.


Rest in the Carpathians in January — it's a fabulous time, it's the wonders of the sea and the snow, the skiing and sledding! In winter everything is fine, and mountains, and rivers, and air. The best place in Ukraine where you can go on vacation in January in winter is sanatorium "Greenhouse». Transcarpathian region is unique, it combines the extraordinary beauty of nature, folk customs, delicious food festivals, ancient architecture and diverse entertainment. If you come to rest in Transcarpathia in January, you can attend the festival of Nativity scenes and carols, a holiday red wine 11-13 January, Hungarian festival genteshi in late January, the Baptism of a swim in the mountain river, to visit the monasteries and temples.

And rest in health resorts of Transcarpathia "Greenhouse» in February will give you the holiday of lovers, the festival «White wine» in Beregovo, a culinary festival "Oil in ". And Slovak Passingby ples will amaze you with its unusual tradition of Slovak culture, and will be able to attend Hungarian «Forsong-points» in the border villages. Rest in the Carpathians in February created for your personal enjoyment and satisfy even the most demanding travelers. To diversify your vacation, we invite you to visit the sanatorium of Transcarpathia «Greenhouse» in February, where you will find friendly staff, thermal pools, unique mineral water, SPA pleasure and leisure program.

The resort in the Carpathian mountains in winter
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Stop your choice on the rest in the Carpathians in February, be the vivacity of the Transcarpathian land and improve your health at the hot springs resort "Greenhouse»!


Visit winter in the Carpathians in the sanatorium "Greenhouse", and you will feel a surge of strength, to be healed spiritually and physically, get a charge of vivacity for a long time.

Book your winter holidays in the Carpathians by phone: +380949184701 or +380314325591


We wish you joy and warmth in the long winter evenings ! And the time spent in the sanatorium "Greenhouse" will bring complete satisfaction from the bright winter holidays in the Carpathians!