8 March in the sanatorium "Greenhouse»


Lovely woman, kind, loyal!
With you new spring with the first drops!
Peaceful sky, the radiant sun,
Happiness promised, very clean!
A lot of you in affection, warmth, kindness, -
Let your dreams come true!

The spring festival 8 March in the Carpathians in the sanatorium "Greenhouse"- it is a day of love, warmth, color and beauty!What could be better than celebrating 8 March in the Carpathians? You will hardly find a place where Your loved one will be better!


Soon will come the spring... the winter cold comes the freshness of spring.. the Sun wakes up from its winter slumber and begins to Shine brightly and sweetly. Along with spring come into our lives with new experiences and emotions. Revive grass, fragrant flowers, will Wake up the bees and other insects. Whiff of spring. International women's day March 8 — pраздник внимания к женской половине человечества, праздник, когда мужчины радуют своих любимых и родных женщин заботой и подарками.
Make your loved women gift 8 March, buying sanatorium "Greenhouse». After arriving at 8 March to the Carpathians in the sanatorium "Greenhouse», Your women will improve your health, get a lot of new experiences and will thank You.


In the sanatorium "Greenhouse" March 8 passes bright and festive:

For the lovely ladies sea of flowers, balloons, smiles and greetings; 

- preparation of national dishes near the cafe

- Transcarpathian wine, song, dancing, fun contests, a Banquet;

- tours and picnics on the Black mountain;

- sightseeing trip

- Wellness - SPA baths, massages,

- phyto barrels, thermal pool;

- unprecedented fun and enjoyment for all!


Come to the resort "Greenhouse", You will fun the organizers and animators of the show program, comfort, Transcarpathian hospitality and plenty of surprises.

8-March-in-the Carpathians-2015-greenhouse 8-March-in-the Carpathians-2015-greenhouse 8-March-in-the Carpathians-2015-greenhouse