Отдых в Карпатах осенью - санаторий "Теплица"

Rest in Carpathians in autumn  extraordinary! After all resting in autumn you can see the colorful colors of nature – red, yellow, orange-brown. Golden autumn in the beautiful Carpathian mountains - similar to an exotic corner. Here, clean air, silence, the sound of the breeze blowing, full of forest mushrooms and red berries of a cowberry, chatty mountain streams, and all this creates an indescribable sight! And all this at the most affordable prices! Autumn landscapes with spectacular views of endless mountain passes and Carpathian forest win the hearts of even the most demanding travelers, and for those who likes to rest Transcarpathia, the standpipe will give You thrills!

Holidays and festivals during the autumn vacation!

Came to rest in Transcarpathia, You'll be amazed by the abundance of various gastronomic festivals that You can visit. Festivals of Transcarpathia colorful, musical and tasty. Festivals "of Guculska bryndza", "Golden goulash", "Feast of honey and wine", "Holiday cake" and many others invite You to come to the sanatorium "Greenhouse".


Festival of Dobronski paprika"

the village of Mala Dobron


Holiday honey



Festival “Zolotyi goulash”

S. Muzhieve


Festival "Slovenska Rouge»

S. Storozhnytsya


«Festival of Hutsul reap»



Festival "Guzul'ska Brinza»



Day Tyachev


22-23 September

Day city Svalyava


24 September

„Friendship without cordons "Beach fest



"Transcarpathian Beaujolais", Uzhgorod Day



St. Martin's day at Mukacheve




Autumn rest and treatment in sanatoria

Each person has a question and all in search of responses: "Where is the best place to relax and get healthier in the fall?". And we'll tell You that the best holiday in the autumn in the Carpathians than in the sanatorium "Greenhouse" at affordable prices, You will not find. It not only has great outdoor recreation, but also a rich cultural program: master classes in cooking dishes Carpathian cuisine, massages, excursions, mineral springs, swimming in thermal and mineral pool, Spa, sauna, Hammam. As well as mushroom picking, Royal trout fishing, walks in the beech-hornbeam forest, sauna - Hammam, treatment Carpathian herbal teas and more.

 Holiday-autumn in Carpathians

With us You will get a lot of fun!


We wish You a lovely autumn weather and a good "quiet hunt"! Looking forward to your visit to us!


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