SPA tubs

Bath SPA sanatorium "Greenhouse"

 In the sanatorium "Greenhouse» exceptional attention is paid to balneology   the use of medical-prophylactic mineral waters. On their basis in the health center serves a variety of bath: classic (iodine-bromine, coniferous, with the addition of essential oils and others) and based on the latest scientific developments.

Treatment baths (hydrotherapy) it was popular at all times. Since olden times people were aware that the skin is the largest organ of excretion of toxins, respectively, in order of General improvement was necessary to find a way to revitalize the group. This means of stimulating the excretory function of the skin, steel therapeutic baths.

What has for many centuries attracted people vanns?

Hydrotherapy has a natural physical effect on the human body. It differs from many other funds, its availability, safety and efficiency: with proper application of water is possible to fix many functional disorders, to successfully combat disease and keep working until late
old age. The famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra knew a lot about cosmetic baths, occasionally dipping his most August body in the milk, herbal infusions, aromatherapy oils. Most of these recipes have survived. Fortunately, in our time, for their use in practice does not necessarily have Royal rank and more money.

SPA-bath using soft natural hydrocarbonate sodium-calcium saline water: vanilla tub-Jacuzzi Aphrodite, milk bath-Jacuzzi, "Cleopatra", a wine bath-Jacuzzi Casanova, bath-tub with seaweed "Nefertiti", mineral bath with balm "Nanael"


                         Mineral baths with balm «BETANAL» 

  One of the last tubs that are embedded in clinical practice sanatorium "Greenhouse" steel mineral baths with balsam «Betanell", based on a "duet" hot tubs and balm. It is this dual effect provides amazing results: the mechanical action of water (and pressure) increases circulation in the skin and increases the saturation of the skin with beta-carotene and essential oils.   

What's new  carries bath balm «Betanell»?

   In our balm is the main active ingredient is natural microbial  beta-carotene. By nature it dissolves only in oils, so as usual (oil solution) not suitable for use in baths. Using new technology, managed to create the form of beta-carotene, fully soluble in water, which ensures a uniform distribution of molecules of beta-carotene in an aqueous medium, and active penetration into almost all layers of human skin. They penetrate through the intercellular spaces, through the cells of the epidermis (through the plasma membrane, through hair follicles, excretory ducts of the sebaceous and sweat glands.

     Bioavailability of beta-carotene is determined primarily by two of its properties: to serve as a precursor of vitamin  And may also function as an antioxidant.
So,  in partial cleavage in the human body , from 1 molecule of beta-carotene Obrazuyutsa 2 molecules of vitamin A. vitamin a plays a vital role in the maintenance of physiological functions of the body and maintaining health. He oversees the vision, the processes of growth and development of body, renewal of epithelial tissues, the normal behavior of cells and the immune response.  Vitamin a and formed from it retinova acid protects the body from carcinogenic environmental influences.
      As a natural antioxidant beta carotene protects the body from the carcinogenic effects of aggressive prooxidants - reactive oxygen species and free radicals, formed in the cells during intracellular respiration and exposure to tobacco smoke, polluted air, food components containing precursors of free radicals, uncontrolled peroxidation of fats in the weakening of the protective antioxidant protection of the organism.
     Beta-carotene inhibits the process of premature aging, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, the risk of cataracts of the eye, and many other chronic diseases associated with a damaging effect of prooxidants.
    The second important component balm bath &" Betanell» are aromatic oils, which are well studied:

  1. Bactericidal, bacteriostatic, antiviral.
  2. Anti-inflammatory.
  3. Beauty (skin, hair, nails).
  4. Counteract protein coagulation, improve  the removal of "toxins" and toxins.
  5. Stimulate   regeneration processes.
  6. Have tonic effect, normalizes the work of the Central and autonomic nervous system.

   Baths with balm «Betanell»   perfectly calm  (oil of lemon balm, lavender, Valerian)  or, conversely, tone  ( with rosemary oil), remove  stress              ( with orange oil) have anti-cellulite effect( grapefruit oil), etc., give confidence. Baths have a beneficial effect on the entire body and, in addition to medical, provide significant cosmetic effect, rejuvenating and refreshing the skin, restoring its elasticity and preventing skin aging.
   Clinical testing balm "Betanell» showed that are present in it beta-carotene and aromatic oils  act as synergists, i.e. increase the effect  each other, providing a great therapeutic effect.




Wine bath "CASANOVA»

Rich wine color, aroma of wine make EN-procedure in the illegal bewieve pleasure...This procedure is based on using research institutes of various kinds of grape survi - IOC, musts, wines and oils. Contained in grape polyphenols are potent antioxidant and have great prices - ness to the skin. They are capable of neutralization applied to the harmful effects of free radicals, toning of skin tissues and relieve stress, to fill the skin with light and vitality, to preserve her youth and al - lichnosti.Many cosmetics manufacturing - distil upon on the basis of an extract of red grapes. The seeds and pulp grapes - tion of the grains as they Mature, accumulated several polyphenols, which are a real cure for aging. After all, a powerful antidote to free radicals and the ability to inhibit the following enzymes, like elastase, collagenase and hyaluronidase, protects skin from premature aging.

Milk bath "CLEOPATRA»

Bath of milkand associated with the name of Cleopatra and is considered one of the best ways of healing and maintaining youthful skin. They are slightly whiten, nourish, moisturize the skin, stimulate the metabolism and excretion of toxins. Milk bath is used for the improvements of the state of flabby and sagging skin. Nutrients normalize di - sonans substances and computerbut under - the STATCOM vitamins.

Milk baths perfectly tolerated by sensitive, prone to allergies Ko - Jay, contribute to the removal of inflammation.

As a beauty elixir for all skin types, this bath stimulates the blood circulation, moisturize and soothe the skin. Also contained in milk lactic acid adjusts the pH factor and, thus, stabilizes the protective layer of the skin.

Lactic acid is rich in alpha hydroxy acids that stimulate the process of separation of dead skin cells. Accordingly, after taking milk Noah baths there is room for new cells is an active process of regeneration of the skin and deep clean the skin. In addition, milk has a whole set of chemical elements and vitamins that are useful not only for skin but also for the nervous system.

A fine powder, whisk Sizzling bubbles of water in silky milk mousse turns into white-snow lake that beckons enjoy the wide tsya blessed with peace and Your sense of smell a delicate fragrance…


Seaweed bath "NEFERTITI»

In the realm of Beauty seaweed – some of the most amazing plants, which is achieved amazing results in the treatment of diseases such as dandruff, acne, rashes, hair loss, cellulite; seaweed indispensable in cases when you want to restore shape and strengthen the chest muscles, reduce weight, or rejuvenate your skin. The ancient Greeks called treatment seaweed thalassotherapy" ("Thalassa" means "sea", "therapy" – treatment").

Certain elements contained in algae, help the skin absorb phosphorus and calcium needed for cell renewal. Accordingly, the skin is better able to resist infections, fights against aging and better preserved. In seaweed contains all active elements, which are part of a living cell, for example, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, potassium, magnesium. Due to its acrylic acid, in algae there is a large number of bacterial and antibiotic substances.

Hot baths with seaweed have certain advantages. Hot water raises body temperature. The body is resting, free from toxins, the nutrients contained in algae, penetrate the skin. The increased body temperature increases the rate of chemical processes occurring in the body.

Seaweed baths especially recommended to people suffering from such actively spread in recent years of diseases like chronic chronic fatigue, arthritis, anemia, premature aging, obesity, cellulites.

With using seaweed it is possible to achieve weight reduction. Bath algae, which are in this case catalytic reagents (i.e., substances that lead to any changes), they act on the body fat.

Seaweed baths enhance the vitality, relieve fatigue and tension, providing, thereby, a positive psychological effect, that is important for successful treatment.