The main methods of treatment in the sanatorium the following:


  • therapeutic swimming in the pool with mineral water;
  • hydrokinesitherapy in the pools with thermal and mineral water;
  • thermal mineral bath General and local;
  • the hydro box with thermal water;
  • bath vortex;
  • mineral baths aromatic;
  • ozone bath for lower limbs;
  • underwater massage shower, ascending shower, circular shower, power shower, Vichy shower.


 using soft natural hydrocarbonate sodium-calcium saline water: vanilla tub-Jacuzzi Aphrodite, milk bath-Jacuzzi, "Cleopatra", a wine bath-Jacuzzi Casanova, bath-tub with seaweed "Nefertiti", mineral bath with balm "Nanael" sulfur baths, baths with persona.


Aqua fit

 in pools with thermal and mineral water rationally connects the effects of exercise and balneotherapy in combination with other methods of exercise therapy, massage and modern physiotherapy optimizes the volume and quality of Spa treatment in a health resort. 

The Method Of Device

For effective treatment of diseases of the spine in the sanatorium method for passive underwater vertical traction of the spine (Aqua fit) has been successfully used in combination with the methods of the device.


galvanization and electrophoresis of drugs, phonophoresis of drugs and ultrasound therapy, UHF-therapy, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, magnetic and laser therapy, amplipulse therapy, darsonvalization, KOUFO.

Intestinal lavage, microclysters with decoctions of herbs;

Thermotherapy: paraffin-ozokerite applications.

Saunalahti, Turkish Hamam

Massage: classic,common, acupressure, reflex-segmental massage, vibrating massage ,chocolate, Ayurvedic, anti-cellulite, honey

Singlet-oxygen therapy, Inhalation therapy with the use of medicines, herbal teas, mineral water.

Gidromassage gums mineral water, mud baths.

Aromatherapy, phytotherapy, landshaftoterapiya, health paths.

Physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises (group and individual classes), exercise at the gym, correction of the spinal column (prophylactic device).

Nordic walking

(NORDIC WALKING) is the latest development for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system. A new kind of fitness for those who seek to make physical activity the most effective for health. Systematic studies contribute to the improvement of the physical condition of the body, improve immunity and overall endurance, strengthen muscles and maintain them in good shape.


 We should not forget about the uniqueness of the climate zone in which is situated the sanatorium. On the one hand - mixed forest and mountains. The climate of the zone of mixed forests are the most favorable for rest and treatment of people with diseases of the respiratory, nervous and cardiovascular systems, metabolic disorders, to enhance adaptive capacity. A distinctive feature of the mountain climate is less day-to-day variability of the main meteorological factors. Mountain air is characterized by greater purity, saturation of negative ions, increasing the biological activity of the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.


 ECG, laboratory methods, General analysis of blood and urine, biochemical blood analysis.