Food in the resort "Greenhouse»

Food people are in:

  • The dining rooms - room No. 1(CL.)
  • Hall No. 2 ( 40-60 people)
  • Cafe

In the dining room, designed for simultaneous servicing 160 people, organized four meals. Guests are offered a wide range of meals as a dietary menu, and national Transcarpathian cuisine. At every meal the choice of holidaymakers – 2-3 types of appetizers, salads, first and second dishes, drinks. In the diet – fish, meat, dairy products, juices, vegetables, fruits.

On prescription provides diet nutrition:

  • diet No. 5 – in diseases of the liver and gastrointestinal tract;
  • diet No. 9 – with diabetes mellitus;
  • diet No. 10 – to facilitate the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • diet No. 15 – a full and varied diet.

The professionalism of the catering staff and daily supervision of the medical staff provide a delicious and balanced meals.

Hall № 2 of the sanatorium designed for 40 - 60 people.

In it are organized gala dinners, banquets, corporate events (seminars, meetings) held at the sanatorium. To services of clients – restaurant menu, developed by individual order.

At the sanatorium works cafe 30 seats.

Transcarpathian dishes and drinks, the skills of local chefs, quiet, calm, attention and friendliness of the staff create a unique atmosphere to spend an evening with friends.

In the warmer months, summer Playground.


Provided health services meet the established nutrition standards, which confirms the compliance certificate

№ UА9.027.02965-09, выданный Государственным комитетом Украины

for technical regulation and consumer policy 28 August 2009.


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