Rest in Carpathians in spring. Sanatorium in Transcarpathia "Greenhouse"  

Sanatorium "Greenhouse     Spring – this is a wonderful time when nature awakens, running streams and becomes more sunlight. I want to be beautiful and healthy, to live fully and enjoy life. The sense of beauty just overwhelms the soul, but immediately begin to remind myself familiar sores. Unfortunately, at this wonderful time most often occurs exacerbation of chronic diseases. After a cold winter the body lacks vitamins, so it becomes difficult to cope with stress, and this sometimes leads to failures in the operation of its organs or systems.

Carpathians – the best place to stay in spring!

   A wonderful solution for a great rest, but also to improve their health after the winter "hibernation" may be the ticket to a unique health resort, called «Greenhouse», which is located in Transcarpathia. There is nothing better than a vacation in the Carpathian mountains in the spring. You can enjoy the warmth of the bright spring sun, to observe how everything in nature awakens from its winter slumber, admire the beauty of the first spring flowers. When the Carpathian mountains, the snow begins to descend, the first delicate snowdrops. And replaced the beautiful daffodils. About unprecedented unique beauty of the valley with these wonderful spring flowers long been legendary. But, if you visit Transcarpathia in the spring, you can verify this firsthand. And when they wither away, in the mountains appear beautiful lilies that are unsurpassed, the magical aroma intoxicate the air around. flowers-in-health

The healing power of nature of the Ukrainian Carpathians

Spring-in-Greenhouse        To old and new sores do not spoil the joys of spring, in the sanatorium "Greenhouse" learned a great combine active rest in Carpathians in spring with the effective treatment of many diseases. Faithful helpers become clear mountain air with a unique ionization, as well as healing water rich in Wellness resources of the subsoil of this amazing region. Amazing therapeutic agents, which are widely used for rehabilitation procedures in the sanatorium "Greenhouse" are mineral water olegovskaya" and "Sosnicka" and thermal water with the same name "Greenhouse". The resort has swimming pools filled with these medicinal liquids, and also uses them when other types of treatment. Through the use of such water, the recovery of all body systems, primarily the digestive, musculoskeletal, and nervous. Unique water treatments in conjunction with a healthy air of the Ukrainian Carpathians, operate so effectively that the person may forget about illnesses, afflicting him earlier.

Organization of leisure in Teplice»

   Besides medical procedures in the sanatorium are carefully planned entertainment. Leisure for the vacationers "Greenhouse" is organized so that each guest visiting this secluded corner of the beautiful Carpathians, was cozy and comfortable. That every man, in his free time, could always find something to their liking. To rest in Carpathians in spring brought positive sea invite You to may holidays. People who prefer excursions, we offer 15 tourist routes around the region, and the kid is an interesting Playground. Daily in the resort hosts various cultural events: performances by various creative teams, parties, discos and karaoke show. Constantly organizes events and festivals, fairs crafts of Transcarpathia, as well as various master classes and picnics. In addition, in the vicinity of the sanatorium there are so many exciting places that are definitely worth a visit. spring forest

Spring in Transcarpathia and Rest in Carpathians in spring sure to bring you healthy and lots of positive emotions, if you spend it in a unique corner of the Carpathians, in the sanatorium "Greenhouse»!

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