Mardi GRAS in the Carpathians
Family holidays in the Carpathians. Sanatorium "Greenhouse" in Transcarpathia.
Best deal how to spend a family vacation in the Carpathian mountains is to spend it for the benefit of health !
Summer holidays in the Carpathians (Transcarpathia)
The best choice is summer holidays in the Carpathians (Transcarpathia) in a comfortable, Spa sanatoria "Greenhouse"
Rest in Carpathians in spring. Sanatorium Transcarpathia.
Rest in Carpathians in spring is sure to bring you healthy and lots of positive emotions, if you spend it in a unique corner of the Carpathians, in the sanatorium "Greenhouse"
Health and medical tours in Transcarpathia in the sanatorium "Greenhouse"
You will be able to regain their strength and health through effective treatment methods that are offered in the sanatorium "Greenhouse"
How to choose the right resort for recuperation?
In the period from winter to spring, a time when many are thinking seriously about treatment and recovery.
Holiday with children in the summer. Summer holidays in the Carpathians.
The best way to relax with children is to travel with a child in the Carpathians, in the sanatorium "Greenhouse"! And cheerfulness will receive, and relax, and improve your health!
Easter in the sanatorium "Greenhouse"
The whole family at Easter in the sanatorium "Greenhouse".
Family holiday in the autumn in the Carpathians
Autumn holidays in the Carpathians. Transcarpathia.
Autumn holidays are the most colorful and amazing, so many parents planned a vacation in the Carpathian mountains, the autumn holidays with children.
How to improve the child or how to choose the right place to stay
Rest in Carpathians in March. Treatment in sanatorium Transcarpathia.
Rest in Carpathians in March is a wonderful experience, fresh mountain air and magnificent nature.
Old New year in the Carpathians
Christmas in the Carpathians, Transcarpathia together with sanatorium "Greenhouse"
Where and how better to celebrate the New year 2015
If you have wondered where and how to celebrate the new year, then we have the best offer for You. And unforgettable rest and recovery together!
The rest fall in November, in December at a discount. In The Carpathians (Transcarpathia)
The best rest in Transcarpathia in November, in December and it can bring a lot of positive emotions, enhance health and help you to prepare for the long winter.
A guided tour of "Seven-day cruise around the region"
Rest in the Carpathians in autumn
We invite you to spend unforgettable holidays in the Carpathians in autumn in one of the best sanatorium of Ukraine "Greenhouse"
Tour in the Carpathians. Transcarpathia
Tour in the Carpathians (Transcarpathia) in one of the best sanatoriums of Ukraine "Greenhouse"
Hotel in the Carpathians (the Carpathian mountains)
The best choice is a hotel in Transcarpathia (the Carpathians) - sanatorium "Greenhouse"

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