Nordic walking in the sanatorium "Greenhouse"

Nordic walking (NORDIC WALKING) is the latest development in treatment of the musculoskeletal system. A new kind of fitness for those who seek to make physical activity the most effective for health. Systematic studies contribute to the improvement of the physical condition of the body, improve immunity and overall endurance, strengthen muscles and maintain them in good shape.

In the sanatorium "Greenhouse" successfully apply the latest developments in treatment of the musculoskeletal system, one of them is NORDIC WALKING – NORDIC WALKING – NORDIC WALKING.

Nordic walking this is a new and very effective form of fitness. Invented it in the 1970s Finnish athletes, hence the term "Nordic". To train year-round, they needed a way to simulate skiing when the snow is gone. Initially it was used by professional athletes for practicing techniques of skiing in the summer, and now turned into a popular form of active recreation. Skiing has always been considered the fastest and most effective way to lose excess calories, and also train your heart, after all for anybody not a secret that when skiing involves all muscle groups, and the load is evenly distributed throughout the body. Nordic walking is a new kind of fitness for those who seek to make physical activity a non-trivial, the most effective for health.  When Nordic walking use special lightweight ski poles with rubber tips for best support.

Mechanism of action.

  1. When the walk and Jogging is not enough work the muscles the upper half of the body. Ski poles allow while walking to train the whole body and not just your leg muscles. Management of ski poles along with the walk at a fast pace lets you use up to 90% of the muscles in our body.
  2. This is a good aerobic exercise, which increases energy costs by 20-40% compared to normal walking. Nordic walking increases maximum oxygen consumption by 20-25 percent being 45 percent more efficient than regular walking.
  3. Through the use of sticks, heart rate increased, on average, 10-15 per cent in relation to normal walking. Burned about 450 calories an hour, much more than when walking without poles.
  4. Nordic walking relieves neck tension and shoulder pain, which ensures good load on the muscles of the body and neck and shoulder machine.
  5. Reduces the load on feet, not overloaded joints and knees, which is especially important for people suffering from diseases of the joints, rheumatism.
  6. Ski poles also increase stability during fast motion.
  7. Train endurance, strength, agility, coordination, but not the speed.
  8. During stops on the way sticks are used for stretching exercises and breathing exercises.

Ttechniques of walk. Your back must be straight - do not lean forward. Shoulders rhythmically rotate around the hips. The sweeping movements of the hands. When the arm goes forward, hand tightening around the handle of the stick when it comes back, brush expands and relaxes. In order not to lose the stick, added a special loop, which ensures a solid fit without interfering with the free circulation of the blood, and sets the optimum position of the hands during training. The movement of the foot runs from the heel, along the outer edge to the fingertips. The tip of the rod that is when movement is found, needs to get on a conditional line of the center of gravity of the body.

The therapeutic effects. Systematic training Nordic walking contribute to improving the physical condition of the body, improve immunity and overall endurance, strengthen muscles and maintain them in good shape. Reduce the risk of age-related metabolic disorders, including protecting women from osteoporosis, increasing bone density, as moderate physical exercise increases the body's ability to absorb calcium.

Nordic walking trains the cardiovascular system, stimulates blood circulation and the function of internal organs, reduces cholesterol in blood and prevents the development of vascular diseases, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attack), slows down the aging process. Improves the condition of skin - due to the training in the fresh air cells more intensely saturated with oxygen and effectively cleaned of toxins.

Regular classes Nordic walking increase the level of metabolism in the body, and it determines the speed of fat burning, allow to get rid of extra pounds and not gain them again.

Classes Nordic walking increase stress the body, rhythmically repetitive movement, fresh air and ever changing scenery perfectly calm, and help relieve the effects of stress.

Readings osteochondrosis of the cervical-thoracic spine, diseases of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Contraindications: tazelie heart disease, infectious diseases, internal diseases in the acute stage, Islan